Lilium candidum

“No signs of growth. Plot five, though…” Dr. Nadine turned down the piano sonata in her headphones and contemplated the lonely bloom of Lilium candidum. The pure white seemed drab in the featureless hallways of the station, but contrasted beautifully with the endless rust of the Martian hills.

  1. Setting this on Mars lifted it from a simple gardener’s story, to something with much greater depth.


  2. I would have never been able to think of this!


  3. This is so wonderful. I love when outer-space comes into life in such short stories.


  4. Excellent tale! perfect Microprose – contains all implicit and explicit elements to complete the full arc. One of the best I’ve read in the challenge.


  5. Christine said:

    That visual of white against red was lovely!


  6. I wasn’t expecting that! I love the idea of flowers on Mars.


  7. This was one of my favorites. I love how it all sounds so simple until we picture it on Mars. Whole different perspective!


  8. Laura said:

    MG! This is so good! Glad you could join us :)


  9. That’s one tough martian Lily! Great imagery of the red of mars (nice use of the color prompt) and the white.


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