Well hello, I’m Emgee.

I’m a relatively normal guy from the Pacific Northwest. I enjoy most teas, most games, and most trivia. I could probably talk for hours about Star Wars, or philosophy, or even philosophy in Star Wars. To make money, I write and try to make computers behave. I’ve studied language, education, and theology, but my mind wanders to the stars.

I believe that a person is defined by choices and experiences. My life’s goal is to be a polymath, instead of a dilettante. If I could convince every person I meet to think more about what they believe, I would. I’m sure that most would call me a skeptic, but I simply prefer to investigate.

A few links:

My Obsidian Portal campaign page – “Cisterra” is a worldbuilding project I’ve been working on for a few years now. This page has a wiki of the lands, races, deities and whatnot from my imaginary universe, along with maps and a log of the adventures of my Pathfinder RPG group.


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